Bottle Feeding

NOTE: We are not making any judgment or recommendations regarding the difference between Breast and/or bottle - This is entirely up to you.

If breastfeeding is not appropriate for you or your life, it is possible to bottle-feed instead of breastfeeding. Mothers who wish to bottle-feed their babies should use a commercial infant formula.

These formulas are very similar nutritionally to breast milk. Your baby should grow and become strong and healthy in a similar way to breastfed babies.

There are many different varieties available and you can choose between ones based on cow’s milk or soy bean. Read the label carefully before making up the feed and contact your family doctor about how much or how often to feed your baby.

The advantages are that other people can help feed your baby which can be great for working mums.

Here are a few tips for a happy, healthy bottle-fed baby:

  • It is advisable to give your baby an infant formula until he is about 12 months of age or until he is eating regular meals.

  • Always sterilize the bottles and teats, and boil any water used for the milk mixture.

  • Check the expiry date on the formula.

  • Use formula within one month of opening the can.

  • Hold your baby close to you every time you give him the bottle.

  • Never leave your baby alone while feeding and don’t prop up your baby’s bottle while feeding.

  • Burp your baby during and after a feed.

  • When your baby has finished feeding throw away any left over milk, then rinse the bottle and teat with cold water. Do this immediately after each feed.

  • Your baby doesn’t need to finish all the milk in a bottle at each feed.

If formula based on cow’s milk appears to upset your baby, try milk based on soy bean. Speak with your doctor or our Pharmacist.

Young babies will usually take about 60 to 120mL of milk at each feed. They usually feed about every 3 or 4 hours.

As your baby gets older, he will gradually take more at each feed until he reaches about 180 to 250mL.







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