Keeping Your Nails In Good Condition

You will keep your nails in top shape by following these few simple procedures -

  • If your nails break often, keep them fairly short.
  • Never use your nails to open tins and other containers with.
  • Do not cut nails with scissors as this tends to weaken them. Use a nail file or emery board. File in one direction from the side to the centre. Do not rub back and forth. Have the emery board on a slight angle while filing the nail.
  • Use a good quality nail polish remover and don’t pick at old nail polish. Do not use straight acetate to remove old nail polish - use the cosmetic types as they have inbuilt moisturisers which condition the nail and do not cause nail damage.
  • There are numerous great nail moisturisers on the market that harden and condition the nail at the same time.
  • A more natural approach is to soak your nails in a basin of hot almond or wheatgerm oil for 10 minutes. Of course ensure that the oil is not too hot or you will be burnt.
  • You can push back your cuticles with special cuticle removers and a special hand cream - available at your local pharmacy. Do not ever cut your cuticles.
  • When polishing nails, use a base and a top coat, which gives extra protection and thickness. Be sure to ‘tip’ the top edge to seal the nail.
  • Apply the polish sparingly. It is better to apply a thin coat as it will not chip as quickly.
  • Remember, pale or natural shades of colour tend to make the hands look older, so wear more daring colours for a more youthful appearance.



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